Ealing Council Forced to Pay Costs

Just a quick post to say that I has 17 PCNs cancelled yesterday against box junctions in South Road. What is even more astounding is that the Adjudicator awarded costs of £750 against the Council on the grounds that it was “wholly unreasonable” for them to pursue the appeals after they had been repeatedly warned by PATAS that PCNs for South Road/St Joseph’s Drive, South Road/Cambridge Road and High Street/Avenue Road were unenforceable.

If you have a case before PATAS for any of these locations then you must ask for costs citing London United Busways -v- Ealing. If you have received a decision in the last 14 days there is still time to get a claim in. You cannot claim lots, and you cannot claim for being inconvenienced. Usually you can claim back travel expenses, postage and stationary. OK, it may not seem a lot, but a large quantity of small claims will soon add up. Ealing will also bear the stigma of being one of the very few councils stupid enough to have upset the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service so much that they have seen fit to award costs – something that very rarely happens.

This is not the end of the story by any means. Watch this space…


19 Responses to Ealing Council Forced to Pay Costs

  1. John Meston says:

    What an outstanding result yesterday and proof positive that you and your colleagues actions are having an effect !

  2. Jim Beam says:

    Ealing have just scrapped 6 junctions…happy day!

  3. Comstock says:

    A couple of interesting stories on Phil Taylor’s blog


    (2nd and 3rd posts down at the time of posting this)

  4. […] Council Forced to Pay Costs Money Box Junction reports that 17 PCNs against box junctions in South Road have been cancelled by Ealing Council.  […]

  5. Girish says:

    Well, I am still waiting for cost of £59 to be paid by Ealing council which was awarded when I had won my appeal.

  6. Monalisa says:

    I got a ticket on one of these junction boxes 5 years ago. The traffic was moving slowly but suddenly a padestrian decided to cross from the middle of the road stopping the traffic and forcing me to have my rear wheel landed on the junction box (which now apparently was illegal anyway). The authority did not accept my argument and I had to pay the penalty charge. Can I ask for the refund? How can I go about it?

  7. kate malleson says:

    Who can tell me which of Ealing’s box junctions are illegal? Is the one at Gunnersbury Ave/Popes Lane one? My poor student daughter got a ticket for 10 seconds of having her rear wheels in it. . . shall we appeal?

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  9. Fred Ricketts says:

    Brilliant result, best news I have heard in ages, love to hear of more of these boxes being closed, trying at the moment to get the yellow box junction at Peckham High street and the Bus station closed, 3084 PCN issued in the last eight months, I should think about 98 per cent of them never even knew they had committed an offence, and were being fined for it. How many more illegal yellow boxes are there out there?

  10. Partners in says:

    Partners in…

    […]Ealing Council Forced to Pay Costs « Money Box Junction[…]…

  11. Thaya says:

    I parked the car in pay and display bay in Ealing. I could not get the ticket as the meter was covered by contruction site and footpath was closed. I appeal to council but they simply reject and send me the notice to owner. I send another email as formal representation and waiting for the discission. Minibus and coach hire company always tell the drivers to pay for the PCN ticket as driver responsible to park legally but in London lack of parking what to do. Our drivers offten drive round polutting London and council tell them to do.
    Goverment try to help by bringing Low Emmission Zone this mean any large vehicle less then euro 4 standard have to pay £200.00 like congestion charge Extra revenue nothing else.
    Please help London and us to bring the cleaner Air by parking coaches where not causing danger or congestion.
    Most coaches in London are 12 litre Diesel engine, Not 1litre micra.
    Imagine how much polution woud be

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    […]Ealing Council Forced to Pay Costs « Money Box Junction[…]…

  13. s says:

    I got a letter with fine for entering a yellow box. Can someone help please.

  14. Mark says:

    Would you guys be interested in sharing a FB page which outlines parking and other issues with Ealing Council? I’ve found a few individual pages out there complaining about various issues but EC rely on the fact that we are all individuals and do not act in a unified manner. One for all, All for one. Let me know if you’re interested. Just post a reply or ping me on the email address supplied.

  15. Mark says:

    Regarding a letter with a fine. The guidelines for use of cameras state quite clearly that cameras should only be used where there is no reasonable chance of deploying traffic wardens (or ninja enforcement officers, as they are now called). So unless we’re talking about the middle of a motorway or somewhere it should be possible to rebut it on that basis. You might also point out that cameras are there for the prevention of serious crime – not to line the councils pockets – and ask them what happens when there is a serious crime committed and they are using their cameras for revenue generation?

    • Thaya says:

      I am going park our minibus under the camera and same time set up a theft from the minibus same time as a minibus on CCTV, I will know 100% will receive a PCN but if reported to police about theft, police will come back and say no evidence at all as they said when someone broken in to our mini coach and stoll lot of customer stuff, costed us £1000 for replacing the glass and £5000.00 worth of camaras, Laptop & money.

      Next month we won’t be busy at all and have to do something.
      By the way I won with Ealing council appealing to NTO on my previous PCN.

  16. Mitch says:

    That’s great going.
    Main reason for leaving a comment is to say thanks for the valuable advice to be found on these pages.
    we had PCN for Barnet way/ Marsh Lane that in the end TFL did not defend. link to our blog below on what we found out.


    thanks again.

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