League Tables

December 28, 2006

“What you have to remember is that civil servants use vagueness and ambiguity with razor-sharp precision” (Senior Civil Servant)

[This post was revised on 31 Dec 06 to correct errors and omissions spotted by ‘spaceman’ ]

The London Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (PATAS) is staffed by a bunch of lawyers who are very good at dispensing justice, and they produce an informative newsletter from time to time containing statistics of their appeals.

We have the data from April 2005 though to September 2006 for moving traffic appeals which include box junctions. These figures are broken down for each of the relevant authorities. Prior to 2005 they were lumped together.

The “big hitters” over this period are Camden, Ealing, Newham and TfL. The graphs show the percentage of successful appeals. The blue area shows the proportion of appeals that went uncontested and the red were contested, but lost.


Camden Appeals Allowed

Camden have seen a rise in the number of appeals from 20 to almost 300 over this period. They got off to a good start, but as the number of appeals rose the more they lost. However, they seem to have reversed this trend recently.


Ealing Appeals Allowed

I happen to know that Ealing had a lot of trouble with their PCNs to begin with which probably accounts for the 86% success rate in the first quarter. However, it looks like it is well worth appealing against Ealing for the time being.


Newham Appeals Allowed

Although Newham has been enforcing moving traffic contraventions since the start their performance is patchy. The number of appeals has actually halved over this period, and in Q3 of 2005/6 they only had 2 appeals. Maybe they have got better at challenging them.


TfL Appeals Allowed

TfL has only seen a small rise from 80 to 135 appeals over this period and they seem to have become better at challenging them.

The system is, in bureaucratic terms, still fairly new and everyone is still learning. It looks like TfL is learning faster than most. My suspicion is that Camden was unprepared for a sharp increase in appeals, and that despite challenging more, Ealing has completely lost the plot. It is difficult to draw any conclusions from Newham as it is so variable.

I have some other data for box junctions only which I am currently processing. It will be posted in due course.