London Local Authorities authorised to enforce box junctions using CCTV, and the authorisation date where known:


City of London (13/7/2006)



Enfield (11/10/2006)

Hackney (23/10/2006)

Hammermith & Fulham

Haringey (19/09/2004)

Harrow (23/10/2005)

Hillingdon (12/07/2006)

Hounslow (03/04/2006)

Islington (19/09/2004)

Lambeth (19/09/2004)


Southwark (20/02/2006)

Transport for London

Tower Hamlets (20/02/2006)

Waltham Forest (03/04/2006)


Westminster (20/02/2006)


4 Responses to Councils

  1. David says:

    I just got done by Lambeth on Norwood Road, junction with Lancaster Avenue. I was stationary for 6 seconds, £10 a second it cost me. I can’t rememeber what happened, but I’d be willing to bet it was a buses fault.

    I paid the fine online… which was pathetic. “You have 1 penalty notice in your shopping basket. Proceed to checkout or continue shopping?” I’m not joking, I’m not buying a t-shirt or weekly shopping online, I’m paying a fine. I do not shop for fines. Do not put my fine in a shopping basket and ask me if I’m done shopping now.

  2. mike smith says:

    I feel sorry for all the motorists who get caught in bus lanes,box junctions etc that genuinely did not intend to flout any rules. London is a cesspit full of crap and fat greedy money making w*nkers!

  3. Dominic says:

    Councils: Having received my first PCN after recently moving to London, I am now driving round London scared to enter these junctions for fear of getting stuck it one, even for a few seconds. Hesitating at a junction on a green light causes slower traffic and frustrated drivers behind to beep as they probably do not yet know the consequences of getting caught inside these box junctions, which can be very large. Councils must expect cars to hop over the junction one by one like lemmings in busy traffic I assume. Why don’t you let the traffic lights do their job and stop stealing our hard earned money. There is enough things to look out for when driving on the streets of London without having another eye on these traps.

  4. Paul says:

    Dominic I fully agree. I have just received a fine for the Boxhill/Kew Bridge yellow box. The cars pull across you and block your passing as your starting to go and now I know that the traffic will be held up more by me as common sense can not prevail and you cant use your judgement regarding the traffic ahead. I will have to sit on the other side of the box waiting for a space and hoping that the cars coming across the junction don’t come across and block my way. I am fed up with having my money taken by the council because the roads aren’t fit for purpose. It is always a nightmare there because two lanes merge into one and so it is really difficult to judge in heavy traffic whether you will have space or not and if you don’t go the other lane will. London Council’s are a disgrace.

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