“We learn from history that we do not learn from history.” (Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel)

This is the I told you so page. When you research a subject like this you come across snippets from the past where people have sounded a warning or note of caution about the intended course of action. I will add to this page as I find relevant links.


The RAC Foundation’s consultation document to the London Assembly Inquiry into Decriminalised parking enforcement dated January 01 2005.


Civil liberty fears over new traffic wardens from The Times January, 06 2004. MPs express their fears over the possible abuse of extra enforcement powers contained in the Traffic Management Bill.

A piece from Minette Marrin originally published in the Sunday Times, January 04 2006 about the ridiculous number of fines and penalties we face – for what?


A classic piece of Government spin about the forthcoming Traffic Management Bill as reported by the BBC December 12 2003. Note the emphasis on reducing congestion with the increased enforcement powers almost hidden at the end. “A good dway to bury bad news…”

The views of the AA Motoring Trust on Decriminalised Traffic Contraventions expressed in November 2003.

Contributions are welcome!


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