What this Site Stands For

This website is part of a campaign being conducted on behalf of London’s motorists. Its aims are to ensure that moving traffic enforcement as carried out by local authorities is justified, fair and lawful.

Justified – Enforcement must be used to solve a a genuine traffic problem, not just to raise money.

Fair – Motorists must be able to see the signs clearly and be able to safely comply with them.

Lawful – Road signs must conform to the legislation and be well maintained. The enforcement documentation and procedure must conform to the legislation.

If you feel you would like to help then please leave a message below.

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4 Responses to Mission

  1. H says:

    Apparently before new road/parking signs are put up or changed the public are suppossed to be informed for a period of 2 – 4 weeks before to allow objections to be taken into consideration??

  2. Mohammad Uteene says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    my name is Mohammad Uteene.

    the claimant on this post refers to me.

    the post url on your website is at


    I do not want any publicity of this sort for this document to be uploaded on your website without having any of my consent.

    My full name and car details appear on it . My attention has been drawn to this by many people who are just keen to google up people’s name.

    If Jim Douglas aim is to get attention, to campaign and to be noticed and want such publicity, neither do i want such thing not do i have any agreement with him or anyone else for such publicity.

    I instruct you to please remove this document or at least blank my full name and car registration.details as soon as possible.

    I hope you take the above into consideration and will act accordingly to rectify this situation as soon as possible.

    Many thanks.

    Kind Regards,

    Mohammad Uteene

    cc: tonidip@hotmail.com, naf23k@hotmail.com, sal_lsc@yahoo.co.uk

  3. Orlanso Besaccia says:

    I am writing to you about this penalty.
    The day 01/11/2013 the police stop me in Orpington.
    I am carpenter and I was working in a house in the area. I was very quiet because was sure that I had everything all right. My van had passed the MOT the week before, I had insurance and road tax.
    In that moment I not wearing tools or materials only some same paper y a bag with mi clothes.
    the police asked me about what I doing with my vehicle in relation with my work and answered that I use it to carry my tools and some materials.
    The police communicated to me that I should have an business insurance and made me a ticket.
    All the time I said: “I have insurance” buy the police said “if you do not have business insurance is as you do not have insurance for the law.
    I pay the ticket £300.- and £210.- for the storage plus 6 point in my driver licence. I did not understood why the penalty was “no insurance” instead of “Wrong insurance” but I Accept the punishment. Later I thought this is better anyway be worse to have an accident and not have the correct insurance. But now they take out my driver licence because I have it 20 months ago.
    I did not know that my insurance was wrong I thought that the business insurance is when the people do deliveries or sales.
    I am agree with the punishment when a person driving without insurance including take out the driver licence if he or he have irresponsible conduct but it is not my case, I was a wrong insurance and when I did change it the company (AVIVA) say “as a result of this change your premium remains unaltered and not change has been made”

    Can you help me?

    Thank you so much.

  4. Please could anyone help with this question. If one corner of a yellow box junction is missing due to Tarmac over the yellow paint, is the box still legal?

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