Gobbledygook from Ealing Council

March 8, 2008

“A man thinks that by mouthing hard words he understands hard things.” (Herman Melville)

At base level, this just comes down to holistic asset time-phases. You really can’t really fail when you facilitate third-generation paradigm shifts. But, you might want to consider transitioning relational collaborative infrastructures as well.

We all know that the Notices of Rejection are produced by stitching together stock paragraphs on a word processor. Since some of Ealing Council’s yellow box junctions have been ruled unenforceable at PATAS they have had to come up with some new esoteric wording to justify their continued highway robbery activities. Read the rest of this entry »


Hillingdon’s 100% Record

February 3, 2008

“Better no law than laws not enforced.” (Italian Proverb)

Hillingdon Council has a problem with moving traffic enforcement. The PATAS statistics for July – September 2007 shows that, of the nine cases scheduled to be heard during that period, Hillingdon withdrew from every single one. Yes, that’s right; they failed to contest all the appeals to PATAS.

If my recent experience is anything to go by, then they are continuing to act in the same vein. I have helped a number of people with Hillingdon PCNs. One was cancelled after making representation. The remainder were taken to appeal and Hillingdon withdrew a few days before the hearing.

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East Hill / St Anne’s Hill

January 30, 2008

This junction is one of TfL’s cash cows. Since mid 2005 it has contributed almost £1M towards Ken’s coffers. According to recent press coverage that is £1M of our money to be wasted by Ken’s cronies on pointless projects or trips abroad.

Following a couple of recent cases at PATAS, this junction has been ruled as unenforceable, so that should put a serious dent in their finances.


To cut a long story short, the road markings do not conform to Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002. That being the case, they have the legal status of graffiti. This yellow box serves absolutely no purpose other than to raise revenue. Read the rest of this entry »

Do Bus Drivers get Traffic Tickets?

January 9, 2008

You would be surprised at the number of people who have asked me that question.


I finally got the answer – yes they do. And it gets deducted from their wages. Read the rest of this entry »

Yellow Boxes at T Junctions

January 5, 2008

The last couple of months have seen a number of successful appeals against yellow boxes situated at ‘T’ junctions that span the full width of the road like this:


The correct configuration, as prescribed in diagram 1044 of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 is a half box, like so: Read the rest of this entry »

The Voices of Reason

January 4, 2008

“It is hard to believe that prosecuting more and more people every year is the best way of securing a good-tempered community that accepts codes of conduct designed for everyone’s safety and convenience” (Professor Jackson)

roadaccidentscover.jpgThe above quotation comes from a book I have been reading over the Christmas break entitled “Road Accidents; Prevent or Punish” by the late J J Leeming. It was originally published in 1969 and reprinted in 2007 thanks to the efforts of the Association of British Drivers.

The sad thing is that this book hardly required any revision. It is as relevant today as it was way back then, around the time when I passed my driving test. Read the rest of this entry »

Councils are Above the Law – Proof

December 4, 2007

When men are pure, laws are useless; when men are corrupt, laws are broken. (Benjamin Disraeli)


Lambeth CCTV Smart Car collecting taxes in Eardley Road. I wonder if they gave themselves a ticket for parking on a double yellow line?

Alternative caption suggestions below please…